If marketing was simple, would you be here today?

Is this your journey so far?

Were you besieged by sellers promising #1 in Google or “It’s Google calling…”?

Too many aggressive sellers often raise a red flag. Many old ideas that may have worked in the past don’t work anymore. The latest seismic Google upheaval was in the Autumn of 2023. A successful strategy needs to take that into account.

You may have tried to get your website to the top of a Google search for (your #1 best keyword).

A one-keyword strategy leads to a lot of failure. An all-or-nothing strategy mostly results in nothing.

Did people say, “Try blogging and social media.”? Did you then find that, apparently, you aren’t an influencer?

We have had clients who created literally hundreds of blog pages that were a complete waste of time. Some clients spent months on social media trying to get traction with no luck.

Without a map, it’s easy to go down the wrong path.

Are your marketing problems the result of bad strategy?

Is there any difference between a poorly executed bad strategy and a well-executed bad strategy?

Everything working together is rarely accidental.

Is a pricing model contributing to your difficulties?

Paying a monthly marketing fee might simplify budgeting, but effective marketing usually requires a mix of capital-intensive improvements and ongoing development. While there may be a monthly fee, employing a successful strategy would likely include capital and operational projects.

Start with a great plan. Grow from there.

A detailed plan combined with a meaningful, logical budget over a specific time frame offers long-term success with many progress milestones along the way.

You have already tried “I’ll-try-it-and-see-how-it-goes.” A strong plan can actually get your business where you want it to be.

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