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Our Unique Process

Have you ever felt like you were in the dark when it came to understanding digital marketing?

We have a unique process that separates us from other marketing companies.

We convert every competitive factor to numbers for easy comparison.

For many business owners or managers, marketing and SEO are mysterious “black boxes”.

It’s difficult to be completely sure of what you might need or what is important because you have been told that Google moves in mysterious ways.

Everything in the digital world can be converted to numbers.

Comparisons between two numbers are easily understood even if you know almost nothing about SEO or digital marketing!

Step 1 – Assess Your Site

This answers one of the two big questions which is, “Where is your website today?”. We are going to assume you want your website to be successful. Here is a list of some of the more important factors we look at:


The quantity of content is a significant factor for generating traffic. More content generates more traffic.


The content of your website is of no value at all if no one ever reads it. The quality of your content can be measured and everything that can be measured can be improved.


If your business is not paying $100s per month for hosting, then you are almost certainly sharing a server with a number of other websites. If you are sharing a server with 3,000 or 5,000 other websites, then your website’s performance is going to be compromised during peak usage times.

If you are sharing a server with 50 to 100 websites or using a cloud server, then performance is likely not compromised.


Links pointing to your website that are on other websites have long been the backbone of internet success for most websites. In our opinion, content has overtaken links in importance, but link strength can be measured and improved as necessary.


If your website takes an unacceptable amount of time to appear in a browser once someone has clicked on the link, then we can absolutely guarantee you are losing business. Speed is one of the most important of the “invisible” factors.


Just like website speed or website hosting, there are dozens of small, invisible elements, mostly in the code of your website. The website seems to be exactly the same whether these are in terrible shape or without a single problem. People can still navigate your site, see the content etc. The difference is the success of your website. A website with huge invisible technical problems makes it much more difficult to be a success. All of the invisible website technical problems can be uncovered, listed, and fixed.


Your site might be missing some great opportunities to expand. It might be using the wrong keyword, or not even competing in where success might be easy to obtain. All keywords can be measured for potential, and the content of all pages can be measured for the probability of success in using that keyword. There is a lot to it but we can assure you it’s not just repeating a keyword over and over within the content. That would actually get your site penalized.

Step 2 – Assess Your Competitors

This answers the second critically important question, “Where do you need to be?”

Part 1 – Competitive Research

Your competitor’s websites can be analyzed in great detail. We need to find out everything about where their success comes from:

  • Which keywords bring them the most traffic?
  • What is their content strategy?
  • What is the quantity of their content?
  • What is the quality of their content?
  • What sort of off-page resources do they have available to them?
  • What is their website speed?
  • Where are they hosted?
  • Is advertising bringing them success?
  • What sort of link strength do they have?
  • Where are they getting it from?
  • How technically proficient is their website?
  • What is their local strategy?
  • Where are they advertising?
  • How much are they spending on ads?
  • What do their ads say?
  • What is their advertising Quality Score?

Part 2 – Comparison (Remember! It’s all numbers!)

Once we have all of that information, we need to compare everything to your situation.

  • Where are the gaps in your strategy?
  • What is your website missing?
  • What resource has been omitted or overlooked?
  • Where are your greatest opportunities?
  • Can any of your existing resources be repurposed?

Step 3 – Create Customized Strategy

Once the comparison has been done, everything is so simple to understand! All you have to do is look at your competitor’s numbers and then look at your numbers. It’s easy to see what has to happen to be successful. It quickly becomes apparent where the effort (and money) needs to be directed.

Most Affordable – Least Wasted $$

We are working to make your website successful. Your competitors “set the bar”. Our job is to focus on the things that actually need to be done.

Don’t buy a package that contains a lot of stuff you won’t need, or that won’t help. Invest your marketing budget in the things that make a difference!

Your competitors determine what has to be done, but we keep you from wasting money on things that don’t matter. You’ll completely understand what has to be done – and why it has to be done.

Collaborative Process

It’s not like you turn over your website to us and that’s it!

We need your help to craft the best strategy and overtake your competitors in every way necessary to get past them. You know your business and your industry. That’s valuable information that we can’t supply.

We work with you to get the best results.

Data Driven

Everything we do is focused on getting your marketing to be more competitive. We’ll seek out the most direct path with the least amount of waste. Everything is based on numbers that come from the data and the research.

You’ll completely understand the entire process and always know where we are in that process. Decisions become much easier when those decisions are based on comparing two numbers!


Nothing can be more transparent than numbers.

There is no hocus-pocus or deep Google mysteries involved. Your marketing is either succeeding or it’s not. If it’s not, then there are numbers that can tell us why.

All you will have to do is look at two numbers for every element that matters. You will quickly see why your competitors are doing better than you are.

You will also know exactly what has to be done to change the results.

Focused on Your Ultimate Website Goals

Your website has a purpose. It is designed to generate leads or create sales or maybe even accept donations.

No matter what its purpose is, there can always be improvements. It’s not all about traffic to your website.

If your website went from one sales lead for every 100 visitors to two sales leads from the same amount of visitors, it’s like doubling the traffic.

A/B testing can get your site to optimum strength. Again, everything being tested is converted to numbers which makes the decisions easy!

Talk to us today about making your website more competitive!