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Track Reservation Transactions in Google Analytics

Not every reservation booking engine makes it possible to track transactions online, and for those that do, it’s difficult and complicated to get it working properly.

We’ll make it easy to start tracking your Reservation Service sales in Google Analytics – which opens the door to a lot of valuable information.

    Who Is Actually Buying and Where Are You Reaching Them?

    Record Reservation Sales in Google Analytics as an Ecommerce Transaction

    We’ll add Google Tag Manager to your website to send data through to Google Analytics

    We implement Google Tag Manager code in your Reservation Service account so Google Analytics can record the transactions.

    We’ll configure your Google Analytics account to measure and record eCommerce transactions

    We’ll create an automated Google Analytics report to deliver results to you.

    Uncover “Bottlenecks” In Your Website’s Sales Process

    You’ll be able to monitor and analyze each part of your sales process.

    If you can improve one small part at a time, the overall results get better because many small improvements will make a large difference.

    Our Reservation Service/Google Analytics connection is tested and guaranteed to work as expected or you pay nothing.

    All Included

    1. Set up Google Tag Manager (GTM)
    2. Connect GTM to Google Analytics (GA)
    3. Set up eCommerce in GA
    4. Install tracking code on reservation site
    5. Test
    6. Guaranteed!

    Bonus! GTM tag to reduce bounce rate.

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