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Our Unique Pricing

SEO Pricing – What Should You Look For?

What Should You Avoid?

What Other Factors Should You Consider?

    There are a huge number of variables to consider and each one of them has an impact on pricing.  Each situation will have different requirements than any other situation so why would the price be the same for each?

    When it comes to SEO, all situations are not equal.  

    Our advice? Buy what you need, and don’t buy what you don’t need.

    Your competitors determine the amount of work required to succeed.
    We can get you there for the least amount because you’ll only be paying for what you actually need.

    We use a unique process to create a customized marketing plan for each client we work with. 
    Our unique pricing comes from the results of our process.

    A. SEO Pricing – What Should You Look For?

    The only thing that matters at all in SEO is your competitors.  What are they doing?  How do you compare?

    When you look at pricing, it should reflect your unique situation.

    Don’t pay for services you don’t need!

    Why pay for and receive a blog article each month or a social media boost if that’s not what you need?  Concentrate on what is needed. 

    Follow the numbers!

    B. SEO Pricing – What Should You Avoid?

    There is a problem with the pricing model of most SEO companies. 

    Almost all of our competitors use a one-size-fits-all pricing strategy. How can that work?

    Should SEO pricing be the same for these two businesses??

    • Manhattan personal injury lawyer
    • Nearby pet food store

    Even an SEO beginner is likely to recognize those two situations require vastly different resources, time, and effort to succeed!

    Why would they each pay the same price?

    C. SEO Pricing – 8 Factors To Consider

    1. Degree of difficulty – Is it factored into the pricing?

    Two situations can be vastly different.  If the price is the same for both, are you getting a deal, or are you funding some other business’ success?

    2. Content – Is it included?

    The single most important factor in search success is content.  Volume is not important.  Quality is. Get content that works.  Don’t pay for a lot of blog articles that no one will ever read.

    3. Local or international – What is the objective?

    It’s going to be more much difficult to succeed nationally or internationally than to succeed locally.  Pricing should be consistent with the objective.

    4. Link Strategy

    Are inbound links required for your success? If so, are they included in the fees? Links can be incredibly time-consuming to create. A single great link could be hundreds of dollars.

    5. Product or service?

    Is your business selling a product or is it selling a service?  The approach for those two types of businesses should be completely different. So should the pricing.

    6. Demand exists or needs to be stimulated?

    What sort of service or product do you offer?  Are people looking for it all the time, or once every ten years?  Is it a service or product that no one would know about?

    7. Seasonal or Year-Round?

    Does your business operate on a seasonal basis?  If so, there are likely to be dormant months where you might want to do more DIY work with guidance rather than paying someone else.

    8. Short-term or long-term perspective?

    Some businesses are going to need success ASAP.  Some businesses will be playing the long game looking for big returns.

    We Can Answer Your Questions
    & Offer A Customized Solution

    Is your business going to need a comprehensive content strategy that involves dozens of pages of content, or just some tweaks to existing content?

    Is link strength what you need most to improve?  How much more?  One link?  One hundred?  Links are expensive to engineer.  Pricing should be different depending on your situation.

    Slow website speed is an often overlooked business killer.  Can it be fixed, or do you need a complete overhaul?

    What keywords are going to generate the most business for you?  Are those within reach or are you starting from scratch?