About Us

Why Does Pinnacle Marketing Exist?

Pinnacle Marketing began after it became apparent that small businesses were not able to adapt to the internet in the same way large businesses were. It seemed like large businesses had an advantage – they could devote more resources to finding solutions for, what was then, a new age of marketing.

Only Small Businesses

Despite being warned against doing so, we’ve only worked with small businesses since our inception. Over the years, there have been enormous changes in the world of digital marketing, and we take great pride in our ability to help our clients keep up to date.

Long-Term Client Relationships

Of course, we’ve had client turnover – businesses have been sold, or owners retired, or, in a couple of cases, the owners died, but it’s a testament to the value we offer that some of the very first clients we ever started to work with back in 2002 are still in a business relationship with Pinnacle today – and not just one!

David vs Goliath

The services we offer have changed, the search engines have changed, the program we offer has changed, but there is one constant – we still view our clients as “David” in “David vs Goliath”.

It’s a very good feeling to be able to help so many small businesses succeed and prosper.

Our Business Philosophy Overview

Generally speaking, we favor the long term over the short term. We observe and practice the “Golden Rule” and we place a greater value on our reputation than we place on any opportunity for a short-term gain.

Numbers Guide the Way

We learned to read the numbers and translate them into practical action plans. We found this works much better and is much more reliable than the “Magic Wand” method. It’s easier for our clients to understand and monitor too. We are continually reading, writing, learning, teaching, and experimenting in-house with different characteristics, techniques, and programs so we can offer safe and effective services to our clients.


We had humble beginnings. The company started in 2002 as an offshoot of Bells Travel Guides, a company that had provided a travel guide in Alaska for over 40 years. Around the same time, Bell’s Travel Guides format changed to a free distribution map book which they continue to publish to this day.

When we started, Alta Vista was the most well-known search engine (here anyway, maybe not in San Jose!), AOL was huge and growing, Facebook didn’t exist, there were no Adwords, and when it came to search engine success Keyword Meta Tags were important!  Things have changed a lot since then.

Client Base

Initially, all of our clients were all travel-related, owner-operated businesses in Alaska that had depended on travel guides as the essential form of marketing. Eventually, we spread our client base throughout North America and shifted the focus from travel only to include local businesses that were had always depended on various (or multiple) phone books as the “backbone” of a marketing strategy in the past.

Services Growth

At the same time, we’ve grown over the years from a “one-trick pony” SEO-only business to a full-service Internet marketing business. We offer anything from webmaster services or hosting services right through to complete management of Internet resources for those who just want performance from their Digital Marketing program without having to become technicians.

Code of Ethics

Pinnacle Marketing Management Inc (Pinnacle) recognizes an obligation to the businesses we serve to practice the highest standards of honesty, truth, accuracy, fairness, and professionalism. Read more about our code of ethics…

Privacy Policy

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