Add Product to GMB

How to Add a Product Okay, so let me show you how you can add Products to your listing: Log in to Google My Business. On the left side, you’ll see the Products section. If you don’t have any products yet, you can just click ‘Get started’. It’s going to bring up a little ‘Add a product section.’  …

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[Guide] Create a Dynamic Landing Page in WordPress

Landing pages are often used in marketing to show a single product or service. This is a useful tool, but as you introduce more services you may find a lot of duplication in your landing pages. Dynamic landing pages are a way to tailor a single page to multiple product offerings. Simply by changing the …

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[Guide] Installing the new Invisible reCaptcha on your Website

Google has recently introduced a new update to their reCaptcha service called the Invisible reCaptcha. It’s based on the same technology as the previous version (the “no captcha reCaptcha”), but simplifies the process to remove even the checkbox step. The captcha functionality is now tied completely to the submit button. This article will cover the …

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The Importance of Citations in Local SEO

The Importance of Citations in Local SEO In this age of fierce competition, companies are looking at everything which can help them pull ahead of the competition. While many of the companies ignore citations, they can help you and your business a lot, bringing in more customers. Let’s just take a look at citations and …

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Domain Registry Scam

We think that you are smart enough not to fall for the offers that seem just too good to be true. There are some internet marketing scams that are difficult to detect, and, we have to admit, really well done. This is another one that is out there, right now, actually tricking people. Scam #2 …

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Is It Really Google Calling?

“Google Calling” is another Internet marketing scam that is actually working – right now!  There are some scams such as this one that are difficult to detect, and, we have to admit, really well done. It’s Google Calling! Many of our clients have been approached by people claiming to work for Google.  They promise that …

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