Marketing Case Studies

We have created case studies that offer readers an in-depth, detailed account of real marketing problems faced by real businesses.

What were the objectives

What were the solutions?

What were the results?

Unique Goals & Objectives.

The only thing that should matter to the readers is that each case study articulates the goals and objectives for that company at that time.

Every situation is unique, and the solutions we apply will also be unique.

Sometimes numbers can tell a story faster and more clearly than 1,000 words.
This is a quick view of the progress we have made with a Food & Beverage industry client by highlighting and comparing the two most vital numbers over a period of time.

This is not really a case study but we thought it was just as factual and just as interesting!

This is the story of what we found when we started to work with 3 actual, real-life Google Ad accounts. We never know what we might discover, but neglect or lack of knowledge is particularly surprising when the Ad accounts are professionally managed.

2020 saw traffic and sales soar as people looked for safe activities in a pandemic. The trick was to not fall off a cliff in 2021 like so many other other recreational supply companies.

A relatively new accounting firm needed to grow. Through consistent, predictable growth, the firm enjoyed a sales increase of 6x the annual sales they had when we started working with them!

” …our site has exceeded our expectations in developing new business. New business increased by more than 28% in the past year and we reduced our overall advertising expenses by cutting back on other less successful strategies.”

– Dr. Gregory L. – D.P.M.

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