Domain Registry Scam

We think that you are smart enough not to fall for the offers that seem just too good to be true.

There are some internet marketing scams that are difficult to detect, and, we have to admit, really well done. This is another one that is out there, right now, actually tricking people.

Scam #2 -Domain Registry of America or Domain Registry of Canada

In my opinion, this is one of the best scams out there.  I have to admit that it’s really well done.  In addition, there is a possibility that it might not really be illegal, just deceitful.  In any case, legal technicalities aside, it’s still a a case of someone trying to separate you from your money under false pretenses.

Here’s how it works – Each year, domain names have to be renewed.  It’s part of having a website.  Those fees go to ICANN, the official governing body of the Internet, if that’s the proper description.

There is a company out there called Domain Registry of Canada or Domain Registry of America, depending on where you are located.

The purpose of this scam is to trick you into believing that they are the official registrar for your domain name and that your domain name now needs to be renewed.

The offer, which arrives via the post office in the mail, actually looks very official

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Domain Registry of Canada Scam
Domain Registry of Canada Scam

Through publicly available information, it’s possible to find out the expiry date of most domain names, the business’s name and address.  They have carefully crafted a very official looking piece of business mail that they send to domain name owners a few months prior to the domain expiry.  They have to be earlier than the notifications that come from the current, legitimate domain name registrar.

If you read the whole letter, it says plainly that this is just an offer that you might want to take advantage of, but the whole purpose is to trick someone into renewing their domain name with a different registrar than they currently have, at a fee that is several times more expensive than the current market price.

Domain names are essentially commodities and are sold as such.  Godaddy became very big by being very much less expensive than their competitors.  There are other factors, but price was a major driving force behind Godaddy’s growth.

Domain Registry of Canada or Domain Registry of America makes a very crafty attempt to operate within the law, but still profit from deception.

Please don’t fall for it!