Frustrated With SEO Results?

If you have ever been disappointed in your SEO results…

…you are not alone. 

    Google is Unpredictable

    Google could change the search results without warning and your website might never get back to the top. It happens all the time.

    Google is in control and often works against you in mysterious ways. Google will never tell you why your website is not at the top of the results.

    Imagine Having Google
    On Your Side!

    Don’t work against Google – harness the awesome power of Google (or Facebook) to your advantage. Advertising platforms are very good at getting the right message to the right people at the right time.

    Results With Certainty

    We offer data-driven advertising management because success or failure depends on effective advertising plus what happens after the click.

    Clicks are not sales.

    For outsized success, it’s essential to analyze and improve what happens after the click.

    A Focus on Value

    Value comes from knowing the $$ return for every $ of advertising. We create that data, use that data, and report it to you.

    This strategy works for businesses of all sizes and all budgets. You call the shots.

    Does this work? Really?

    A personal story – the pandemic severely damaged our business. We offered mostly SEO services to clients in the travel industry. Travel industry clients were a high percentage of our total client base.

    Who knew that industry was going to undergo a catastrophic pause? We needed to rebuild our business. Quickly and more deliberately. No more concentration of clients in any industry.

    Did we use SEO? No. SEO is too slow, too unpredictable, and too expensive even when you know what you are doing. Wasn’t it the same for our clients?

    We changed our approach to all marketing. We switched our client priorities. We needed predictability, consistency, and accountability which we already knew our ad management program offered in abundance. We know clients want the same.

    It seems so obvious looking back. Ad traffic is guaranteed from the very first day. From that point on, we work to constantly improve the results. I can’t believe it took a pandemic to get us to notice how SEO just can’t compare to effective ad management.

    Contact Us

    We’ll arrange a phone call or Zoom meeting with you. We’ll make a 5-minute presentation that offers details, then answer all your questions. We’ll have a few questions too.  If we both find it’s a good fit, we’ll move to the next step.  That’s it!

    Take control of your business growth. Contact us today.

    You may qualify for a $500 advertising credit from Google.
    (Note: this offer could end without notice)