Is Your Website Pretty Effective
Or Just Pretty?

You’ll Find Out:

  1. How can the whole process be transparent?
  2. If we convert everything to numbers, doesn’t that simplify everything for everyone?
  3. What does your site really need?  How would we assess your site?
  4. SEO Pricing: What should you look for – and what should you avoid?
  5. What are all of the pricing factors that should be considered (but often aren’t)?

SEO Strategy For Ottawa

Every SEO situation is different.  The competitors are the main issue, and all of the best keywords are not always obvious. We provide and implement custom Ottawa SEO services for clients that want business growth.

There are many, many ways to get to the top of the search results, and many, many SEO options to get you there.  Our SEO plan is customized to get ahead of your competitors no matter what.  Our first task is to get to know your online competitors better than you do!

Our Unique SEO Process
Fully Transparent With Easy to Understand Numbers-Based Comparisons

Everything is digital when it comes to online marketing. So, everything that matters can be measured and converted to numbers! Everyone understands numbers! Even if SEO seems complicated to you, it’s easy to compare. You just have to know what to compare – and we do!

A. Assess Your Site – Where Are You Today?

Assess your website - competition, keywords, content, external resources, technical factors, speed

Examine your competition EXAMINE YOUR COMPETITION

Your competition is the major factor in SEO. No matter what sort of keywords are being researched, it’s going to be more difficult and time consuming to achieve success in the search results for a personal injury lawyer in Manhattan than it is for a pet store in a small town.

examine external resources EXAMINE EXTERNAL RESOURCES

Links & citations have an enormous influence over a website’s position in the search results.

Where is your site compared to your competitors?

website speed ASSESS SPEED

Website speed is a hidden but critical issue.

We need to assess your website’s current speed and potential for improvement if required.


Most websites function well enough. The problems from an SEO perspective are beyond whether the links work or not. There are dozens of technical issues that can ruin your website’s chances of success in search results that are not apparent without a complete audit. We use multiple auditing apps to find even the most difficult to find problems.

keyword research RESEARCH KEYWORD

All keywords are not equal. Some of the important variables are:

• High traffic – low traffic
• High competition – low competition
• Research intent – purchase intent

Ideally, we would find a high-traffic, low-competition keyword with purchase intent.

Analyze content ANALYZE CONTENT

Is your content adequate to succeed in the search results and at the same time, inform people or compel people to take action?

B. Assess Your Needs
What Do You Need for Greater Business Growth?

traffic, sales and leads, speed


We know that everyone thinks that more traffic is the answer to every problem. It’s not always the best solution. SEO is a great long-term strategy but it’s not for everyone in every situation.

How much traffic is there now? Is it the right type of traffic? What are the best quick opportunities? What are the long-term opportunities with great potential? What would be required to get there?

Would you be better off with a simple but effective ad campaign? If you had an ad that has a high response rate and a landing page that is engineered to create a lot of conversions, would that be all you need? We can help you with either approach and we offer a number of options within each approach.


Do you have a lot of traffic but low sales or low response? Maybe it’s not the right kind of traffic. Or maybe it’s that your beautiful website isn’t very good at converting visitors into customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a science all on its own, and we offer a light and an intensive conversion service depending on what might be required.


Slow website speed can kill the response you get from your website and also hurt your chances for success in the search results.

We offer two levels of speed improvement. One is to remove all bottlenecks. The other is to remove all obstacles and, essentially, start from scratch.

hosting, off-page, and technical factors


Hosting has an influence on website speed but is also part of maintaining a healthy website.

Does your current host oversell the server so that peak demand impairs its performance?
Does your current host include technical support for your website?
Can you get your current host to help you with some website changes?

We offer a variety of service levels for hosting your website with lots of services included that would be extra anywhere else.


Having another website link to your site is like a “vote of confidence”. By doing that, the other website is saying that here is some content you should know about.

A link from another website can be valuable or can be worthless – it depends on the other website. Getting a lot of links is great, but they are notoriously difficult and costly to engineer. Your competitors are the driving force when it comes to links. If they don’t have very many, you won’t need very many either.


Are there critical issues and omissions within the website that will cause problems with search success?

We have worked with websites where our work in removing all of the technical issues was all they needed to succeed.
The most difficult thing for most business owners to understand is that a technically perfect website looks and acts exactly like a technically terrible website. Most website designers offer “SEO-friendly” websites. They almost always aren’t.

Your technical score should always be in tip-top shape no matter what the condition of your competitor’s websites. A technical audit is not an expensive service, but it is critical to success.

Ottawa SEO Pricing

There are a huge number of variables to consider and each one of them has an impact on pricing.  Each situation will have different requirements than any other situation so why would the price be the same for each? When it comes to SEO, all situations are not equal.  We advocate that businesses buy what they need, and don’t buy what they don’t need.

Ottawa SEO pricing

We use a unique process to create a customized marketing plan for each client we work with.  Our unique pricing comes from the results of our process. Your competitors determine the amount of work required to succeed but we can get you there for the least amount because you’ll only be paying for what you actually need.

A. SEO Pricing – What Should You Look For?

The only thing that matters at all in SEO is your competitors.  What are they doing?  How do you compare? When you look at pricing, it should reflect your unique situation. Don’t pay for services you don’t need!

  • Is your business going to need a comprehensive content strategy that involves dozens of pages of content, or just some tweaks to existing content?
  • Is link strength what you need most to improve?  How much more?  One link?  One hundred?  Links are expensive to engineer.  Pricing should be different depending on your situation.
  • Slow website speed is an often-overlooked business killer.  Can it be fixed, or do you need a complete overhaul?
  • What keywords are going to generate the most business for you?  Are those within reach or are you starting from scratch?

Why pay for and receive a blog article each month or a social media boost if that’s not what you need?  Concentrate on what is needed.  Follow the numbers!

B. SEO Pricing – What Should You Avoid?

There is a problem with the pricing model of most SEO companies.  Almost all of our competitors use a one-size-fits-all pricing strategy. How can that work?

SEO Pricing A Simple Example Explains the “One-Size-Fits-All” Problem

Even if you don’t know anything at all about SEO, would you think that trying to get to the top of the results for “Manhattan personal injury lawyer” would be the same degree of difficulty as trying to get to the top of the search results for “[local] pet food store”?

Even an SEO beginner is likely to recognize those two situations require vastly different resources, time, and effort to succeed! Why would they each pay the same price?

C. SEO Pricing – What Other Factors Should You Consider?

Content – Is it included?

The single most important factor in search success is content.  Volume is not important.  Quality is. Get content that works.  Don’t pay for a lot of blog articles that no one will ever read.

Degree of difficulty – Is it factored into the pricing?

Two situations can be vastly different.  If the price is the same for both, are you getting a deal, or are you funding some other business’ success?

Local or international – What is the objective?

It’s going to be more much difficult to succeed nationally or internationally than to succeed locally.  Pricing should be consistent with the objective.

Product or service?

Is your business selling a product or is it selling a service?  The approach for those two types of businesses should be completely different. So should the pricing.

Short-term long-term perspective?

Some businesses are going to need success ASAP.  Some businesses will be playing the long game looking for big returns.

Demand exists or needs to be stimulated?

What sort of service or product do you offer?  Are people looking for it all the time, or once every ten years?  Is it a service or product that no one would know about?

Seasonal or Year-Round?

Does your business operate on a seasonal basis?  If so, there are likely to be dormant months where you might want to do more DIY work with guidance rather than paying someone else.

 D. Our Unique SEO Pricing

Our SEO pricing strategy is different than any other that we know of.  Everything is reduced to numbers so it’s easy for non-SEO experts to understand and you only pay for what you need. Your competitors define the requirements – not us!  There’s not a monthly fee that includes a lot of things you don’t need. Compare!  You may not know a lot about SEO, but it’s easy to compare numbers.  Once every competitive factor is changed to a number, you can see how far behind your competitors you are and know what has to happen to change that.


Dependent on how much time and expertise is required.  Small businesses using few ongoing services usually require little.  Large, international businesses or eCommerce typically require a much more help than local service businesses.

The most important factor – Competition
A small-town business vs a big city business:
  • Different competition
  • Different strategy
  • Different requirements
  • Different payoff

One Time Services

Start small!

Many of the services we offer are one-time only.  For example:

  • Content upgrades
  • Technical audit
  • Website download speed
  • Speed improvements should be relatively permanent

Ongoing Services

Many of the services we offer can be ongoing.  For example:

  • Analyze competition to keep ahead
  • Research keywords to find hidden gems
  • Implement a content strategy for lots of traffic
  • Monitor and design A/B tests to improve results
  • Advertising management to maximize your budget – The most bang for the buck!

Ottawa SEO Services

We offer a complete variety of Ottawa SEO services to local businesses no matter where they do business whether it’s local SEO or SEO Canada-wide.  Ottawa SEO might be the keyword we are reaching for, but all that should do is let you know that we know what to look for, and how to assess your competition.

The most important factors in SEO success are your competitors.  We don’t have to make your website the best website in the universe.  We just have to help you beat your competitors. You have to have the best digital marketing in Ottawa if you are competing in Ottawa. Other places will have different competition than Ottawa.

hosting and maintenance

Hosting & Maintenance

Our hosting plan includes SSL, and automatic hourly, daily, and weekly backups on a distant server.  We also include maintenance so when you want to change your text or images, or add a page, it’s all included.

technical seo

Technical SEO

This is an area of strength for our company.  All websites seem like they work perfectly, so what’s the problem?  There are usually hundreds of issues with any site that are beyond website design.  Those issues act as an anchor for your website in the search results. 

conversion tracing

Conversion Tracking

Why Do So Few Websites Track Goals When It Is So Important For Success?  Improving a website’s conversion rate (the percentage of people that take action) has the same effect as multiplying the volume of traffic to that website.  Wouldn’t you like to know how effective your website is or how effective your advertising is?

on-page SEO

On-Page SEO

Websites don’t rank in the search engines.  Pages of websites rank in the search results. What does your page need to be the best page – the page that shows up at the top of the results.  It’s a combination of technical perfection and great content tailored to appeal to both search engines and human beings.

Website speed

Website Speed

Have you ever been frustrated by a really slow website?  Do you want your website to be fast?  We offer two tiers of website download speed improvement.  Tier one is an assessment and removal of the largest performance bottlenecks complete with a detailed assessment of what would be required in tier 2 which is a more in-depth optimization. 

Off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Did you know that it’s the off-page SEO that really drives your site to the top of the results?  It’s off-page expertise that separates the amateurs from the professionals when it comes to SEO.  Not only will your site benefit from better search positioning, but if really well done, off-page SEO will drive more traffic to your site.

conversions and user experience

Conversions & User Experience (UX)

What is the entire purpose of your business website?  Is it to tell people what you do?  Your LinkedIn profile can do that.  Your business website exists to generate leads or sell products & services.  Your website gets traffic.  We use metrics and data to manage your conversion rate.  Double the conversion rate is like doubling your traffic – or maybe better!  Conversions and user experience (UX) matter most of all.  Why get more traffic if your website turns visitors away without getting them to take action?

website design options

Website Design

You can choose to buy a website design with an up-front cash outlay, then contract for ongoing maintenance.  Or, you can opt for a website that is continually renewed and periodically updated on a month-to-month basis.  Either way, you’ll never worry about your website again and know that it has built-in technical SEO that your website designer probably won’t address.   See the 6 critical points to negotiate in your new website design.

advertising management

Advertising Management

Do you know about Quality Score?  High-quality ads have a lower cost and higher bid than low-quality ads.  As much as 10x!  We manage ads so your Quality Score is maximized which results in the maximum “bang for the buck”.  Everything is measured and managed by the metrics that matter.    Are you just buying clicks or are you investing in sales?

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    Implementing Ottawa SEO

    We make use of an interactive process that involves our clients – much more than they are used to if they have worked with SEO optimization companies in the past. It’s a collaboration to craft the perfect content. In the past, we used to take what was there, then modify it as much as possible for SEO results. That’s no longer our process.

    The first step is to identify the keywords where we want your site to succeed. There’s nothing to gain by being #1 in obscurity! We need keywords that actually are very competitive. The more competitive the better, because that tells us our competitors have already discovered the value.

    The next step is to measure the top SEO factors in a large cross-section of your online competition. Once we have those identified and quantified, we’ll come up with an outline for content. We’ll submit that outline to our client for verification and editing. Hopefully, there are additions or some changes that we haven’t thought of.

    Next, we’ll hammer out the content for the page, then adapt to the style of the site, as well as insert the calls-to-action that the page needs to be successful. What do our clients want to happen? A phone call? Email? Sale of a product? Attracting traffic is only one part. We need some of them to take action!

    Once we have the essential ingredients for a page, we’ll need to employ “off-page” SEO to build the site’s relevance and move it ahead in the search results.

    4 steps to success SEO in Ottawa

    Our expert team

    Our Expert Team

    We are a local business in Ottawa.  We can meet with you in person, but these days, Zoom is probably a better choice. Despite being in Ottawa, we operate a network of experts that stretch from Alaska to New York and from Ottawa to Vancouver. 

    We use a series of cutting-edge tools and up-to-date research that focuses on the latest twists and turns in Google.  No matter what curveball Google throws, there is always one constant.  No matter what keyword you type in, there’s always a website at the top of the results. 

    The big question is, how did they get to the top of the results?  You may have known your competitors for years, and we may have just met you but we will know more about your competitors than you do when we are finished with our research.

    We have 2 website designers, each with their own style and we employ a technical expert that is without parallel.  There is no one with greater attention to detail than Wes. 

    Website speed is his forté and I would pit him against any SEO expert in Canada.  Website speed is going to be even more critical of a factor in SEO in the coming months.  That’s straight from Google.

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